Switch today for a brighter tomorrow

Climate change is the biggest threat facing wildlife, people and the planet – and it affects all our lives. It can be easy to feel discouraged by the scale of the challenge we face, but small actions really can have a big impact.

You can create a greener world

At the RSPB, we’re committed to tackling the climate emergency and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Ecotricity, to help you make the switch to 100% green energy.  As the UK’s greenest energy company, they turn their customers’ bills into new sources of clean energy, like solar parks and windmills. By switching today, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and help to replace fossil fuels with renewables, creating a cleaner, greener world for everyone.  

Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, Nottinghamshire | The RSPB

Good for you and good for the planet

By switching to Ecotricity, you can be proud that you’re not only helping to tackle climate change but supporting the RSPB’s conservation work too.  

  • If you quote “RSPB” when you switch, we’ll receive a donation of up to £50 and plant a tree.
  • For every year you stay with Ecotricity we’ll receive an additional donation of up to £50.
  • Plus, if you’re already an Ecotricity customer and recommend a friend who switches, you’ll both get a £25 RSPB voucher to enjoy.  
Puffin | The RSPB

Be part of the change

After watching countless news stories about melting ice caps, blazing forests and iconic species on the brink of extinction, you’d be forgiven for feeling completely powerless when it comes to tackling climate change. You might think that, as just one person, you couldn’t possibly make a difference. But if each of us do our bit and take small actions, like switching to green energy, those small actions quickly add up and have a huge impact. Will you play your part in creating a greener future?   

Together, we’re making an impact

So far, the RSPB and our members have saved over 10,000 metric tonnes of CO2 by switching to Ecotricity. It would take four million trees a whole year to sequester that much carbon! 
Ecotricity’s pioneering green mobile service, Ecotalk, has also helped us to buy a new piece of land at our Fairburn Ings nature reserve in West Yorkshire. Once a dumping ground for coal mining, the area is now a thriving habitat for wildlife. 

More ways to go green

If you’d like to find out more about how you can support nature and the planet, why not sign up for updates from the RSPB?