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An award-winning partnership with Barratt Developments PLC to give nature a home on new housing developments.

Working together

Barratt Developments PLC and the RSPB have been working together since 2014 to boost biodiversity and support wildlife at Barratt’s developments around the UK, notably at the pioneering Kingsbrook development in Aylesbury. Through initiatives such as hedgehog highways, bee-friendly planting and swift bricks (built-in nestboxes for swifts), we’re literally giving nature a home and setting the gold standard for nature-friendly housing developments.

This partnership is an important part of Barratt's sustainability agenda and supports their vision to become the leading sustainable housebuilder in the UK.

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Making a difference

Drawing on the RSPB's advice and expertise, the partnership supports Barratt Developments PLC's sustainable business practices and is a compelling showcase for the wider housebuilding industry. Our work together so far includes:

  • The Kingsbrook Development is a major collaboration with Aylesbury Vale District Council where 2,450 homes are being built with nature in mind, with initiatives from bat boxes to greenspace and orchards.
  • From MP visits to Kingsbrook, to the co-production of an industry-wide paper with the National Housebuilding Council, we're maximising opportunities for political advocacy and engagement.
  • We've designed an innovative, award-winning swift brick to provide these iconic birds with nesting sites in new homes across 10 key cities and beyond.
  • Our expert garden guides help Barratt staff to design wildlife-friendly show gardens and they also show home-buyers how to bring their own gardens to life.
  • Barratt staff have taken part in our volunteering days.
  • Our collaboration has won numerous awards including the What House silver award for best partnership scheme, a BIG biodiversity challenge award for showhome designs, a Corporate Engagement award for best sustainable programme and a prestigious RSPCA animal hero award.
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Positive perceptions

“Our partnership with the RSPB has been a resounding success. Over the last three years the partnership has made great progress supporting wildlife on new housing developments. Being a corporate partner with the RSPB helps us as a business. Our customers like it, we like it and by both working together, we try to support nature by giving it a home.”

Jeremy Hipkiss, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Barratt Developments PLC