Events Assistant - North Scotland

Wednesday 19 May 2010
Vacancy type:
Publicity and promotional, Raise money to save nature
North Scotland Regional Office

What we're looking for

Could you talk for Scotland? The RSPB relies on public support to enable us to carry out our vital conservation work. We need confident, outgoing people to talk to the public about our work and inspire them to support us at events across the region alongside our Events Officer for North Scotland.

The skills you need

Approachable and friendly, you enjoy talking to the public and sharing your passion for birds and wildlife, and telling everyone all about the great work the RSPB is doing for wildlife across the globe.

Your time

2 days per month or more
All year around

What's in it for you?

If you love getting out there and meeting new people, then you'll love this role! Get to learn more about the key issues that affect our natural world, and gain self-satisfaction by aligning yourself with the largest environmental charity in Europe! Being outside in all (reasonable) weathers is an added bonus!

How to apply


Charlotte Mackenzie, North Scotland Regional Office
Tel: 01463 715000


Since you are giving up your time, it is only fair that we reimburse you for travel expenses (up to 25 miles from the event). Events can be anywhere in the Highlands but mainly around Inverness, weekends or weekdays so there should always be a place and time to suit you. We will make sure that you get the necessary information and support you need to feel comfortable with what you are doing. The RSPB relies on the support and generosity of volunteers to make a difference.

Reference number 4968