Buildings Project Assistant - New Forest

Wednesday 22 May 2019
Vacancy type:
Office and administration, Practical conservation
At home

What we're looking for

The RSPB has a fantastic and exciting new project that will benefit young people and we're needing the technical knowledge, experience and skills of a volunteer like you to make it happen! The RSPB has plans to renovate or rebuild a cottage into a residential field centre that will provide young people with a wildlife experience and/or the opportunity to carry out nature based research. The cottage is located on an RSPB nature reserve in woodlands, but is in poor condition and is currently off grid. The first stage of the project is an options analysis which, together with customer requirements, will inform a business plan that will be put to RSPB approvers for sign off. We are looking for someone that can provide the technical expertise required to consider the options comprehensively and help us identify a preferred solution

The skills you need

You will need:- • Teamwork • Communication • Report writing Buildings experience in any of the following:- o Building condition surveys o Different building methods o Design o M&E o Services o Regulations and standards o Materials o Value engineering o Practical management of building projects o Planning policy o Quantity surveying o Buildings surveying o Contractor management

Your time

7 hours per week
Until end of 2018
All year round

What's in it for you?

This is an amazing opportunity to use your professional knowledge and skills for a conservation charity that values young people and seeks to actively encourage the conservationists of the future. You will be part of a dedicated team of focussed and well-motivated people that has a diverse range of skills that want to make this exciting project a reality.

How to apply


Clare Elcoate, South West England Regional Office
Tel: 01392 432691


You will be required to visit the site of the cottage on occasion and meet other members of the Project Team in local RSPB offices At other times you'll be able to work from home. Whilst we can set you up on the RSPB network you will need access to a computer. Appropriate training will be provided and expenses will be reimbursed where necessary

Reference number 8579