Conservation Across Borders for Biodiverity (CABB) - Surveyor

Friday 20 April 2018
Vacancy type:
Practical conservation
Northern Ireland

What we're looking for

The vast and stunning 4650ha Garron Plateau Special Area of Conservation (SAC) is the largest area of blanket bog habitat in N.Ireland. Working with our partners at Northern Ireland Water at the Dungonnell Reservoir, we are restoring this special habitat through drain blocking and conservation grazing. This is a huge task, with over 26km of drains to be blocked, with over 3500 dams in Dungonnell Reservoir's water catchment. Given the scale of this work we need help to locate and mark the drains requiring blocking, also deciding on the suitable dam material to be used in each drain (ie. peat, plastic, timber or stone). The contractors will be recommencing dam construction in September, after the breeding bird season. By preparing the site prior to this work beginning we will ensure the work is carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The skills you need

Enthusiasm for outdoor working in conservation is important. However, stamina and physical fitness are essential, as there will be lots of walking involved during the course of a day. Experience of survey work and using GPS would be beneficial and previous experience of working on blanket bogs and uplands would be advantageous. Prior to your volunteering you will be expected to attend a training day. You will need to be available for at least 5 days during a 2/3 week period in August as this is a short window of time to finish this work.

Your time

5 to15 days during August

What's in it for you?

A great opportunity to be involved in CABB, the biggest project RSPB Northern Ireland has had to date (£4.3 million across Scotland, N.Ireland and Republic of Ireland.) With 13% of N.Ireland land either raised or blanket bog, valuable experience will be gained in this fast growing conservation sector and benefit those seeking a career in conservation. You will discover the amazing mosaic of habitats, with natural water courses, alkaline fens and heath; along with the opportunity to study and learn about the specialist plant and animal species that call this unique place home. You will also learn how important bogs are for the ecosystem services they provide – water storage and purification, carbon sequestration, biodiversity and the beauty of this landscape. You will see first-hand bog restoration in practice, the different techniques used, monitoring techniques and learn all about why this habitat needs restored and protected.

How to apply


Colin Graham, Belfast


Appropriate training will be provided and expenses will be re-imbursed where necessary. The RSPB is the UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds and wildlife, helping to create a better world for all of us. We belong to BirdLife International, the global partnership of bird conservation organisations. Your time and skills could make a real difference to the work of the RSPB and it would be great if you could join us.

Reference number 8642