Turtle dove perched on a stick

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Kittiwake Rissa tridactyla, adult in flight

Your support helped make a ban on hunting turtle doves happen, is encouraging urgent changes to marine planning, and allowed us to capture drone footage of Lake Vyrnwy to help with restoration plans. Read your copy of Impact to find out more about the projects you're helping.

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RSPB Lake Vyrnwy Nature reserve. A beautiful view of the dam at sunrise.

Welcome to your latest issue of Impact, packed full of the latest updates. We’ve got so much to share with you from record-breaking seabird populations on Coquet Island to how technology is helping us restore crucial habitats for nature. There’s sobering news too, showing how your support is more important than ever before – more than a quarter of birds are on the red list. We hope you enjoy reading about our projects across the UK and beyond. You make it possible.


An Atlantic puffin stretching it's wings as though posing for the camera

Small actions make a big difference for nature – but there’s always more we can do.

Nature needs our help now more than ever, so if you feel you can, please donate and help make an even bigger impact for nature.

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Two Atlantic yellow nosed albatross extending beaks towards each other

Read the previous Impact. Learn how Loch Lomond are creating a wetland wonderland, celebrate a huge success for the Albatross Task Force in Namibia, and discover a new species to science with the Rainforest Guardians.