A red billed chough perched on a cliff surrounded by wildflowers

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Two Atlantic yellow nosed albatross extending beaks towards each other

Your support is protecting the UK's most threatened bird of prey, the hen harrier, where it matters most. You’ve also encouraged the Indian Government to develop a vulture action plan and supported research to better understand seabird food chains. Read Impact to find out more about the projects you're helping.

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Ramsey Island RSPB reserve

Thanks to you, we're doing so much more for nature. Take a look at your latest issue of Impact – it’s filled with inspirational stories and examples of pioneering conservation work to make you proud!

In this issue, we learn how Loch Lomond are creating a wetland wonderland, we celebrate a huge success for the Albatross Task Force in Namibia, and we discover a new species to science with the Rainforest Guardians.


An adult little tern feeding a well grown chick

Small actions make a big difference for nature – but there’s always more we can do.

Nature needs our help now more than ever, so if you feel you can, please donate and help make an even bigger impact for nature.

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So much has changed since the last issue of Impact, for both the world and our wildlife. Enjoy some good news from our winter issue and discover how your support is protecting thousands of UK winter migrants, or learn how eating chocolate can save a rainforest.