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Celebration wood frequently asked questions

If you still have some questions about the Celebration Wood at Dove Stone we hope you can find an answer here, but if not our contact details can be found on this page.

Your questions

What is Celebration Wood?

Nestling in a valley next to the picturesque reservoir at Dove Stone nature reserve in the Peak District, Celebration Wood is a special place to spend a while with your memories. In time, it will grow to be a wonderful home for nature.

What do I get for my donation?

For your donation, we will plant a native tree in Celebration Wood for you at the Dove Stone reserve in the Peak District.

You can choose your tree from a list of four native species - each one different and each one special. Your tree will be approximately 1.5 to 2 metres high when it's planted, so you can visit it from day one. 

You can choose to have a handmade marker with a dedication inscribed to hang on your tree. We will commission two of these markers so that you can keep one as a memento at home.

Finally, we will add wildflower plants when planting the tree. 

Can I choose the date when the tree is planted?

You can discuss your specific requirements with one of our team. We will certainly do our best to accommodate your wishes.

What if I can't attend the tree planting?

We will work with you to find a date to plant the tree that suits you but if you aren't able to join us for the planting, we will send you your marker as well as a photo and map showing the tree’s location.

How do I make my donation?

You can make your donation online, paying securely with a debit/credit card.

Visit: Please note, we are not able to accept American Express.

Alternatively, you can telephone the Administrator, Claire Johnston, contact 07395 852252, or email

How will you spend my donation?

Your donation covers the cost of the RSPB purchasing and caring for the tree and the creation and maintenance of Celebration Wood. 

It will also be used to support the work at Dove Stone as well as the wider work of the RSPB. 

What kind of tree do I choose from?

You can choose from the following native trees:

  • Sessile Oak: more than 280 insect species can live in an oak woodland
  • Rowan: the berries are eaten by waxwings and redwings
  • Silver Birch: woodpeckers and other hole-nesting birds can nest in the trunk
  • Common Alder: the leaves provide food for insects

Can I scatter ashes in the Wood?

Ashes can be interred in the ground by the roots of your tree. Due to the close proximity of the reservoir, we are unable to permit the scattering of ashes in the wood.

If you would like to inter the ashes, please discuss this with Administrator Claire Johnston, in advance of the planting. You will need to bring the certificate of cremation with you (This will be given to you when you collect the ashes from the funeral directors.).

Can I plant flowers by the tree?

We will provide you with wildflowers to plant around the base of your tree at the time of planting. 

You won't be able to bring and plant any of your own as we have sensitive habitats in the area and cannot risk threats to the indigenous species there.

Can I leave a bouquet of flowers or other tributes by the tree?

Celebration Wood is a natural setting and is being designed to support the wildlife there. We cannot, therefore, allow any tributes - including flowers - to be left by the trees and we will remove any that we find.

Will I get a plaque by the tree?


We will arrange for two ceramic markers to be made for you. They are in the shape of a leaf and you can choose a short message (up to seven words) to be inscribed on them by the potter before they are glazed. One marker will be hung on the tree and the other is yours to take home as a memento.

If you decide not to have a marker, we will still know which tree you have planted. 

What if the tree I have planted dies?

Each tree comes with a 10-year guarantee. In the unlikely event that the tree should die we will replace it free of charge.

Will the grass in the wood be cut and, if so, how often?

Narrow paths will be gently cut through the wood on a regular basis but we will leave most of the grass long in order to encourage wildflowers, insects and small mammals.

What happens when the wood is full?

If Celebration Wood fills up we will look to develop further woods elsewhere at Dove Stone and on some of our other reserves.

Do you plant trees all year round?

We will plant from October into April; other months will depend on ground conditions. We are unlikely to plant in July and August, as it can be too dry and the tree may struggle to establish itself.

Can I choose where the tree is planted within the wood?

Please discuss this with our Administrator, Claire Johnston.  It is usually ok to choose your own location within the wood but there may be areas where we don’t wish to plant.

How tall will the tree be when it is planted?

The tree will be approximately 1.5 to 2 metres high when it is planted.

I am not a member of the RSPB, does this matter?

No, you do not need to be a member to plant a tree at Celebration Wood.

I would like to become a member, what do I need to do?

Please call our Supporter Service Team on 01767 693680 or email them: Alternatively, you can sign up through our website.

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