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Autumn is a stunning time of year to enjoy the natural world; trees shimmer with reds, golds and yellows, hedgerows are bright with berries and magical looking fungi burst into life. Birds such as redwings, fieldfares and elegant whooper swans arrive from colder countries, and animals such as squirrels busy themselves preparing for winter. Wow your loved one with nature’s wonders by treating them to RSPB membership.

As part of their gift membership, your loved one will receive a welcome pack, a FREE gift and our fantastic Nature's Home magazine four times a year, packed with stunning photography. Plus, by choosing RSPB membership you are helping to protect the natural world, so that we can all continue to enjoy its riches for years to come. 

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Our Handbook of British Birds

Why give an RSPB membership?

Benefits to you

Free gift with adult membership

Choose from the RSPB Handbook of British Birds.

Natures Home Magazine
Nature's Home magazine every quarter

With stunning photography, conservation news and tips on discovering wildlife, our award-winning magazine is perfect for nature-lovers.

Welcome pack

Our welcome pack, jammed full of useful tips and guides to help you make the most of your membership.

Top tips for enjoying nature on your doorstep

Get top tips on enjoying nature at home, plus free activities for all ages and interests.

Benefits for nature


With your support, we protect wildlife and the wider countryside you love.


Just £5 a month across the year means we can plant 12 native tree saplings to help restore our woodlands.

Wardens and tools

£5 a month across the year will employ and equip a nature reserve warden for a day to help protect nature.


£7 a month across the year provides a field teacher to give school children a wild day outdoors.

Gift certificates

If you want to print your own gift certificate to include with your gift, or if you've left it a bit late and would like to give your loved one a sneak preview before the pack arrives, you can download printable ones here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've still got questions, we've got answers. Please read through our FAQs below.

What membership choices do you offer? chevron-down

If you are aged 16 or over, you can buy membership online for yourself and/or someone else. Choose the following options:

  • An individual membership for one adult aged 19 years or over.
    Membership for two adults at one address.
  • Family membership for up to two adults and all children aged under 19 years at one address.
  • For adult and family memberships you can choose how much to give. The more you can give, the more we can do for birds, nature and the environment.

Fixed-price Wildlife Explorer memberships are also available for one child (aged under 19 years) or all children (aged under 19 years) at one address.

How can I pay for membership? chevron-down

You can pay for your membership online by Direct Debit or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro – we regret that at present we are unable to take payment by other card types).

Direct Debit
Paying by Direct Debit helps us ensure that every pound possible is spent on birds, wildlife and the places where they live. If you pay by Direct Debit, the full membership payment can be debited from your account once a year, or in quarterly or monthly instalments. For quarterly and monthly payments for Wildlife Explorer memberships, we adjust the final payment so you only pay the exact annual amount.

Credit card
If you pay by Visa, Mastercard or Maestro, the full annual payment will be charged to your card within a few days of completing the form.

If you would like to pay by any other method, please contact our membership services department on 01767 693 680.

What start date should I choose for gift membership? chevron-down

If you are giving membership as a gift for a special occasion, such as a birthday, simply use the occasion date as the membership start date. For example, if you would like to give a gift membership for a birthday in three weeks’ time, please use the birthday as the membership start date.

Please note that it can take approximately 10 working days for the pack to arrive at the household. So, if you choose to have the pack sent to the new member, it will be despatched 10 working days before the membership start date to ensure it arrives in time. If you choose to have the pack sent to you, we will despatch it as soon as possible and it will arrive within 10 working days.

When it is time for the membership to be renewed, a notice will be sent to the person who paid for the gift. If there is no response, then a renewal notice will be sent to the new member(s).

Gift memberships can be set up for adults or children.

When will they receive my joining gift? chevron-down

All joining gifts except bird feeders or boxes are enclosed in the Membership pack.

Bird feeders and boxes are posted separately to the new member household. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. For gift memberships, please allow up to 28 days from the membership start date for delivery to the new member household.

Joining gifts can only be sent to UK addresses. The membership joining form offers the option to not receive a joining gift.

Please note joining gifts are only available with adult and family memberships.

When will their membership pack arrive? chevron-down

Every new member household will receive a membership pack.

If you are giving membership as a gift, you will be offered the choice of having the membership pack sent either to your address or directly to the new member’(s’) address.

  • If the pack is sent to you, it will be despatched immediately and should arrive in approximately 10 working days of submitting the online form.
  • If it is sent to the new member, it will be posted 10 working days before the membership start date.
    New member packs sent to international addresses will be despatched as above, but delivery dates will vary depending upon the destination.

Postage costs are included in the membership fee.

Do you offer discounted/concessionary membership rates? chevron-down

Whilst we do not offer concessionary discounts, RSPB membership is Flexible thus allowing supporters to choose their level of giving at a rate and frequency they are comfortable with. The recommended minimum amount is set at £5 per month to allow for sufficient funds, after administration and member benefit costs (such as Nature Home Magazine) are taken into account, to be used for our core objective of Giving Nature a Home.

How can I change the contact details linked to my membership? chevron-down

If you have previously registered for a web account, Supporters can update their contact details (address, email, mobile and telephone numbers) and how they hear from us online at

If you do not have an existing online account or wish to make any other amendments to your membership, such as adding or removing members or updating Direct Debit details, Supporters should contact Supporter Services on 01767 693680 or email

Can I buy membership if I am under 16? chevron-down

We do not allow children under 16 years old to purchase memberships without the consent of a parent or guardian. If you are under 16 and…

  • want to join with one or more adults, please ask them to fill out the form for a family membership.
  • want to join without an adult on the membership, you have two options. You can ask a parent or guardian to complete the online joining form on your behalf. Or, you can print a joining form and ask a parent or guardian to complete it and post it to us.
What will you do with my personal information? chevron-down

The RSPB is committed to protecting your privacy and security. Whenever you provide personal information, we will treat that information in accordance with UK Data Protection legislation and Internet best practice. Further details can be found on our Privacy and security page.

Can people living overseas join the RSPB? chevron-down

People living outside the UK can receive or take-up RSPB membership. Membership packs will be despatched as normal but delivery times will vary depending upon the destination.

Joining gifts cannot be sent to addresses outside the UK.

Need help?

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