Waxwing Bombycilla garrulus, adult feeding in hedge of Wild privet Ligustrum vulgare, Bedfordshire, England

Gift Aid

Gift Aid means that for every £1 you give us, the RSPB can get a further 25p from HM Revenue & Customs.

How it works

As a registered charity, the RSPB can reclaim the tax on your membership subscriptions and donations if you pay UK Income or Capital Gains Tax. If every RSPB member and supporter who pays tax were to make a Gift Aid declaration, we would have around £5 million a year extra to put towards our vital conservation work.

To make your Gift Aid declaration NOW, click on the link on this page, or telephone our Membership Services Department on 01767 693680. Once you have made a declaration, it will cover ALL your donations and membership subscriptions until you cancel your declaration. If you have already made a declaration, thank you very much - your money is working even harder for us!

Extra money for birds and wildlife

This table provides some examples of how much extra the RSPB can receive if you make a Gift Aid declaration

Amount you give           Amount RSPB receives            Total amount RSPB 
in a year                           from HM Revenue and             receives (amount given
                                          Customs (you have to              + amount reclaimed 
                                          pay at least this much              from HM Revenue &
                                          in UK tax)                                   Customs) 

£10.00                               £2.50                                           £12.50

£20.00                               £5.00                                           £25.00

£30.00                               £7.50                                           £37.50

£40.00                               £10.00                                         £50.00

£50.00                               £12.50                                         £62.50

£100.00                             £25.00                                        £125.00

Oystercatcher flock in flight over water.

Any questions?

Look at the Gift Aid FAQ page to find the answers to some of the most common questions about Gift Aid.

Tawny owl, perched in oak tree, Gloucestershire