Black browed albatross

Save your stamps

The next time you get something in the post, send us your used postage stamps! We’ll convert them to cash, and together we can save albatrosses.

How it works

It’s really easy to do and here’s how:

  • Send us your used stamps
  • We use stamp dealers and auction houses to get the best price
  • The money helps save albatrosses out at sea.

Each year, your stamps help us to raise thousands of pounds for albatross conservation. Not bad for some little bits of paper that would end up in the bin! 

Save the stamps from your post and help save albatrosses.

Save Stamps

Help us stamp out albatross deaths

15 out of 22 albatross species are threatened with extinction. The main threat to albatrosses is death on a hook at the end of a fishing long-line. 

The Albatross Task Force is helping to save albatrosses from extinction both at sea and on land. They show fishing crews how to stop albatrosses from being killed and share the best techniques and tools.

With BirdLife International partners and other organisations, we're working to stop the needless slaughter of these amazing birds and bring them back from the brink of extinction. 

Working with stamp dealers and specialist auction houses, we can raise money for this vital work. Each stamp has a very small value, but in large quantities they're still valuable. When you send in your stamps, you're helping give albatrosses a brighter future.

Black-browed albatross Thalassarche melanophrys, close up of head, Bird Island, South Georgia, South Atlantic

How to send your stamps

We’ll accept any used stamps – whether common, rare, from the UK or abroad. Please cut the stamp from the envelope, leaving about a quarter of an inch (6mm) border of paper.

  • Send your loose stamps to: RSPB Stamps, PO Box 6198, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 9XT. 

(This is the address of our stamp warehouse, not an RSPB office, so please do not send any non-stamp-related correspondence or donations to this address.)

  • If you have first day covers, stamp albums or rare stamps, please send them to: Save the Albatross Stamp Appeal (Special Stamps and Albums), RSPB, The Lodge, Sandy, Beds, SG19 2DL. Please do not send loose stamps here.
  • If you have a large number of stamps, you can drop them off at one of our nature reserves and stay for a visit. Most of our reserves will accept your stamps but please contact them in advance to confirm (find your nearest reserve). You are also welcome to drop them off at one of our offices.

We’re sorry, but we are unable to collect stamps from you.

 Letter Writing

Be a stamp saving super hero

If you would like to collect used stamps at your workplace, school or organisation, we can supply you with a collection box and stickers to create your own collection point. 

Please send your address and contact details to, and ask for a used stamp collection kit.

Atlantic yellow nosed albatross chick
Atlantic yellow nose albatross chick