Dr Mark Eaton

Principal Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science


I am responsible for overseeing the RSPB's involvement in the monitoring of birds in the UK and overseas. This includes the RSPB input into generic multi-species schemes such as the British Trust for Ornithology/Joint Nature Conservation Committee/RSPB Breeding Bird Survey, our programme of periodic surveys of rarer breeding birds (Statutory Conservation Agencies & RSPB Annual Breeding Birds Scheme, SCARABBS) and the work of the Rare Breeding Birds Panel (RBBP).

I am responsible for work synthesising monitoring results to assess the health of both our avifauna and the wider environment, such as the annual State of the UK's Birds reports, wild bird indicators, and red-listing (eg Birds of Conservation Concern). In recent years I have developed an involvement in the monitoring and reporting on the status of biodiversity more widely, in collaboration with a wide range of partners, most notably through the State of Nature partnership.

My work extends overseas, for example supporting the development of common bird monitoring schemes in eastern Europe and Africa, and in assessing biodiversity knowledge in the UK's Overseas Territories.

I manage a small team, who in turn are responsible for up to 20 contract staff in the field season.

I have considerable experience in survey and monitoring: field methods, survey design and analysis. I am particularly interested in the development of biodiversity indicators and status assessments such as red-listing and am a capable and active communicator of science to a wide audience.

External Activities

  • 2012 to present: Chair of Rare Breeding Birds Panel
  • 2011 to present: Member of the Steering Committee for the European Breeding Bird Atlas
  • 2010 to present: Observer to European Birds Census Council

Partners and Collaboration

  • David Noble, Principal Ecologist, British Trust for Ornithology
  • Andy Brown, Principal Specialist, Natural England
  • David Stroud, Senior Ornithological Adviser, JNCC
  • Andy Musgrove, Associate Director, British Trust for Ornithology


Mark Eaton

Dr Mark Eaton

Principal Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science

Newcastle Office, 1 Sirius House, Amethyst Road, Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE4 7YL



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Selected Publications

State of Nature 2016

The State of Nature in the UK and its Overseas Territories.

RSPB Authors
Dr Daniel Hayhow, Dr Mark Eaton, Prof Richard Gregory, Dr Fiona Burns
State of Nature partnership
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Agricultural management and climatic change are the major drivers of biodiversity change in the UK

Action to reduce anthropogenic impact on the environment and species within it will be most effective when targeted towards activities that have the greatest impact on biodiversity. To do this effectively we need to better understand the relative importance of different activities ...

23 March 2016
RSPB Authors
Dr Fiona Burns, Dr Mark Eaton, Simon Wotton, Prof Richard Gregory
Burns, F., Eaton, M.A., Barlow, K.E., Beckmann, B.C., Brereton, T., Brooks, D.R., Brown, P.M.J., Al Fulaij, N., Gent, T., Henderson, I., Noble, D.G., Parsons, M., Powney, G.D., Roy, H.E., Stroh, P., Walker, K., Wilkinson, J.W., Wotton, S.R. & Gregory, R.D.
Published in
Plos One
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The state of the UK's birds 2015

The state of the UK’s birds 2015 (SUKB), is the 16th edition of this annual report. It provides a one-stop shop for all the latest results from annual, periodic and one-off surveys and monitoring programmes.

10 November 2015
RSPB Authors
Dr Daniel Hayhow, Dr Mark Eaton, Dr Alex Bond, Simon Wotton
Hayhow DB, Bond AL, Eaton MA, Grice PV, Hall C, Hall J, Harris SJ, Hearn RD, Holt CA, Noble DG, Stroud DA and Wotton S
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Birds of Conservation Concern 4: summary

The UK’s leading bird conservation organisations have worked together to review the status of birds in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

03 December 2015
RSPB Authors
Dr Mark Eaton, Prof Richard Gregory
Eaton MA, Aebischer NJ, Brown AF, Hearn RD, Lock L, Musgrove AJ, Noble DG, Stroud DA and Gregory RD
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