Nigel Butcher

Senior Technical Officer, Conservation Science


I manage a small technical team (Andrew Asque, Colin Gooch) who provide an in-house design and production facility of bespoke electronic research equipment.

My work involves the design and development of electronic devices to provide solutions to our many research questions. Much of my work has been around remote monitoring equipment.

Many of my early projects utilised remote cameras to identify nest predators of a whole suite of avian species. More recently we have been built automatic sound recorders and attraction systems.

Current areas of work are enhancing our unmanned aerial vehicle to increase its monitoring potential and ongoing tag development, particularly using mobile and satellite phone networks.


Nigel Butcher

Nigel Butcher

Senior Technical Officer, Conservation Science

The Lodge, Potton Road, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL

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Selected Publications

Remote monitoring of nests using digital camera technology

Although cameras have been used for many years to collect data at birds' nests, recent advances in digital technology have led to increased storage capacity, faster and easier review of data, and reduced...

19 May 2007
RSPB Authors
Dr Mark Bolton, Nigel Butcher
Bolton, M., Butcher, N., Sharpe, F., Stevens, D. & Fisher, G.
Published in
Journal of Field Ornithology
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