Prof Jeremy Wilson

Director of Science, Conservation Science


Following a PhD and postdoctoral research on avian socil organisationa nd dispersal dynamics at the University of Edinburgh, I spent ten years leading studies of the ecology and conservation of birds in agricultural landscapes at the BTO and University of Oxford, and continued this work on joining RSPB’s Conservation Science team in 1996.

I became Head of Conservation Science, Scotland, in 2001 and have since spent almost twenty years leading RSPB's conservation science work in Scotland, and in upland and marine ecosystems across the UK.

As Director of Science, I am now responsible for strategic development of RSPB’s science programme across the UK and internationally to inform conservation management, advice, policy development and advocacy, and for developing collaborations across the Higher Education, statutory and commercial sectors.

External Activities

  • 2007 to present: Senior Editor for the British Ornithologists' Union journal, Ibis
  • 2009: Honorary Chair in Biological & Environmental Sciences at the University of Stirling
  • 2011: Co-recipient of the Watson Raptor Science Prize for the most outstanding paper published in Europe on raptor science
  • 2012: Received the Marsh Award for Ornithology
  • 2017: Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • Scottish Ornithologists' Club's Vice-President for Birding and Science
  • Member of Council of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI)
  • Member of the Advisory Group for Scottish Government's Biodiversity Programme

Partners and Collaboration

  • Professor Kirsty Park, University of Stirling
  • Professor Nigel Willby, University of Stirling
  • Professor Des Thompson, Nature Scot
  • Dr Phil Grice, Natural England
  • Dr Andy Brown, Natural England
  • Professor Bill Sutherland, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Juliet Vickery, British Trust for Ornithology
  • Dr James Pearce-Higgins, British Trust for Ornithology
  • Professor Charles Tyler, University of Exeter
  • Dr Saffan Roos, Greensway, Sweden


Jerry Wilson

Prof Jeremy Wilson

Director of Science, Conservation Science

RSPB Centre for Conservation Science, 2 Lochside View, Edinburgh EH12 9DH

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