Large avocet puppet at the Global Day of Action with a rainbow behind

Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest long-term threat to wildlife and people. We are working to ensure action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a nature friendly way, while helping wildlife to adapt to the changes in climate.

The action we’re taking

A sea of different signs of support above a marching crowd at the Climate March to Westminster

We are working in many ways to fight climate change. You can keep up to date with our latest work, and find out how you can help, in the Nature Advocates Blog.

Helping wildlife to adapt

A member of the Environmental Research Institute at Thurso helping with maintenance/support of a tall, white, Flux tower, under a cloudy sky and with mountains in the distance

Climate change is already having a dramatic effect on the natural world. We work with partners and stakeholders to help wildlife adapt to these changes in the best ways possible.


Much of our work is concentrated on three areas:

  • Policy
  • Practice
  • Research