Nature-positive business sectors

Real economy sectors and businesses are crucial to developing a nature-positive economy

What is a nature-positive business?

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One which benefits both people and planet. Its activities not only have a minimal impact on nature, but also enhance ecosystems.
To be nature-positive, a business must demonstrate how their impacts are being accounted for in decision-making, and that they are taking measures to protect and restore nature across all projects.

The business case

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Businesses that put a nature-positive approach at the heart of their operations are increasing their resilience and ability to react to changes in regulation, law and customer demand. They are also forging strong relationships with local communities, gaining public support, accessing private investment, and strengthening their reputation.

What is our approach?

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We work in partnership with businesses and sectors such as farming, forestry, built infrastructure and offshore wind to help them understand the benefits of nature-positive practices and to develop measurable actions to protect and restore nature.