Poppies, cornflowers and daisies in a field margin

Sustainable Food and Farming

How do we embrace modern farming and protect nature?

Striking a balance

A combine harvester cuts hay from a golden-brown field

The RSPB campaigns for food and farming policies which provide a fair deal for farmers, people and wildlife. We want to see a farming system which protects the wildlife that call our farmlands home such as hedgehogs and skylarks, grows safe and affordable food, and supports a thriving rural community who are proud of their local produce.

More than our fair share

Trucks filled with produce from an oil palm plant

Our population is supported by enormous imports of products. Research by the RSPB and WWF showed we need an area overseas nearly as big as the UK itself to satisfy annual demand for products such as palm oil, timber, and cocoa – increasing the threat of extinction of 2,800 species. 

Nature friendly farming

The RSPB Hope Farm welcome sign gives visitors information on access and the farm's purpose

Farmland wildlife populations are still declining. But there are many great examples of farmers who are working hard to restore nature to their land. The Nature Friendly Farming Network is led by farmers across the UK with a passion for sustainable farming and nature. And Hope Farm in Cambridgeshire, run by the RSPB for 20 years, has shown nature friendly farming can make a profit.

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