Agriculture around Lough Foyle, set-aside at Black Brae

Green infrastructure

How do we tackle the housing crisis and provide homes for wildlife?

Build for Nature

Wet meadows in flower, West Sedgemoor RSPB reserve, Somerset Levels, England

Homes and gardens have a vital role to play in reversing nature’s decline. Planning policies and the way developers build houses must be sensitive to the needs of our incredible wildlife. We work with public authorities and the construction industry to seek to ensure developments work for nature. Our partnership with Barratt Homes has shown how, with the right guidance, new housing developments can be nature friendly.

Showcasing what's possible

Adult swift poking its head out of a specially created Swift nesting brick on the side of a new build house, Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire

Kingsbrook on the outskirts of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is a pioneering housing development where the RSPB is working with Barratt Homes to raise the bar for wildlife-friendly housing. This award-winning project features 60% greenspace where meadows and lakes are being created, with swift bricks, bat boxes, hedgehog highways and more being built into its 2,450 properties. It is becoming a shining beacon for developers everywhere.

Cracking the Code : Designing for Nature’s Recovery

View looking up at deep green leaves in the tree canopy, with  bright sunlight beaming through

The RSPB together with the Royal Town Planning Institute has published practical and innovative guidance using worked examples of how to embrace the Government’s new requirements for design codes and guides in the English planning process to design for zero carbon and nature’s recovery.

‘Cracking the Code’ shows how codes can be a positive force for nature at both district-wide and site-specific scales, and is aimed at local planning authorities, developers and local communities, encouraging all to prepare and assess design codes with nature firmly in mind!

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Creating Wildlife Friendly Communities

Patch of wildflowers growing in front of a new housing development, on a sunny day

Through our partnership with Barratt Developments Plc, the RSPB was commissioned by the National House Building Council (NHBC), to write a guide ('Biodiversity in New Housing Development — creating wildlife friendly communities') for professionals in urban planning, house building, green and blue infrastructure, and urban biodiversity. The guide may also be useful for those concerned with developments, providing rationale and examples to influence their design, and the environmental considerations to include in a neighbourhood plan.