The Broads

From the rat race to the water vole race

Stroll through a bluebell wood, wonder at the beauty of a swallowtail butterfly or see marsh harriers soar above the wildlife-rich wetlands of the Norfolk Broads.

The Broads is the UK's largest nationally protected area of wetland. Its rivers, broads (shallow lakes), marshes and fens make it a unique area, rich in rare habitats, which support a myriad of plants and animals. Globally, wetlands are among the most threatened of landscapes. Luckily, the RSPB is protecting huge areas of this habitat in the five nature reserves that you can visit here.

Spoilt for choice!

You could take a leisurely walk along the river at Strumpshaw Fen, getting an opportunity to hear the sound of 'booming' bitterns, see 'skydancing' marsh harriers and, if you’re lucky, have an encounter with our family of otters!

Or, if you're keen on wetland birds, why not stop off at Berney Marshes? This expanse of rich wetland is home to thousands of wintering birds and gives you a chance to see flocks of lapwings, avocets and other incredible species.

If you simply fancy escaping the city for an hour, Rockland Marsh and Surlingham Church Marsh are the perfect places to lose yourself in the chorus of birdsong while enjoying a walk as long or short as you choose.

So if you fancy being inspired by nature, the Broads is the place to visit!



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  • Snipe two
  • Swan
  • Stone Chat
  • Bearded Reedlings
  • Bearded Reedling
  • Hovering Kingfisher
  • Pair of stonechat
  • Polar Hawkmoth
  • Small Heath
  • Harrier Male Marsh
  • Male Marsh Harrier
  • Orange Tip caterpillar
  • Beautiful Brimstone
  • Stunning Norfolk Hawker
  • Dragonfly Norfolk Hawker
  • Butterfly British Swallowtail
  • Sparrowhawk
  • last one i promise i seriously cant get enough of this stunning species
  • close up of the head of a swallowtail caterpillar
  • could it get any better more than one swallowtail caterpillar