Green Recovery: virtual mass lobby

Have a cup of tea with your MP and ask them to champion a greener, fairer future after COVID19 by joining our virtual lobby on 30 June.

The time is now

Take part in the UK’s first-ever virtual mass lobby on Tuesday 30 June as the nation calls on MPs to put people, climate and nature at the heart of our nation’s recovery.

Last year we came together at Westminster to ask MPs to act on climate change. This time, to make sure of social distancing, we're going digital, so you can take part wherever you are. Let’s make it bigger and better than ever before.

Let’s make history again

We don’t want a return to normal - politicians need to put people, nature and climate at the heart of plans to rebuild our economy to create a cleaner, greener, fairer world for future generations.

The time is now for a healthy, green and fair world

Lockdown has changed our lives

Take yourself off mute to build a healthier, fairer future for all. Watch the Climate Coalition video:

Green Recovery: we can build a healthier, fairer future for all. Watch the Climate Coalition video:

Coming together for positive change

The RSPB is one of over 130 organisations working together in support of a cleaner, greener future as part of the Climate Coalition.

Sign up: take part

Act now for Green Recovery to support a fairer, greener future for all. #TheTimeIsNow for a healthy, green and fair world. Follow the link to the Climate Coalition event page and join the first-ever virtual mass lobby for climate, nature and people and help make history.

Stronger together

Ask your neighbours, family and friends to sign up so they can join your meeting too. The more people involved the stronger our message of a better future will be.