Top things to do in Spring

  1. Get fantastic views of nesting gannets and other seabirds
  2. Spend some time on your hands and knees enjoying delicate spring flowers
  3. Look for hares dashing through the fields

Top things to do in Summer

  1. Watch for whales, dolphins and skuas passing offshore
  2. See the young seabirds growing up and getting ready to head out to sea
  3. Watch for six-spot burnet moths and butterflies on the flowers

Top things to do in Autumn

  1. Watch the young gannets getting ready to go
  2. Check the bushes for small migrant birds
  3. Look for the distinctive splashes of the the Moray Firth dolphins

Top things to do in Winter

  1. Enjoy a bracing clifftop walk with stunning views
  2. Listen for the deep 'cronk' of displaying ravens
  3. Look for the first seabirds returning to the cliffs

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Your photos

  • Gannet at Troup Head 15 April 2012
  • Six Spot Burnet Moth
  • Common, but beautiful
  • Spring flowers
  • Spring Squill
  • gannet nest building
  • gannet approaching cliff and on the brakes
  • Immature gannets

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Flock of pink-footed geese at dawn, Loch of Strathbeg RSPB reserve

Loch of Strathbeg

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Gannet and chick on Bass Rock

Bempton Cliffs

Towering chalk cliffs home to 250,000 seabirds

Great spotted woodpecker on branch

Tudeley Woods

An intricate mosaic of ancient woodland and heath within a historic landscape

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