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Slightly smaller than a Herring Gull, the Lesser Black-backed Gull has a dark grey to black back and wings, yellow bill and yellow legs. Their world population is found entirely in Europe. After declines in the 19th century due to persecution, they increased their range and numbers. But this trend is beginning to reverse and there is serious concern about declines in many parts of its range. The UK is home to 40% of the European population most of which are found at a handful of sites. This means the species is now on the Amber List.


Lesser Black-backed Gull

Niels Krabbe / xeno-canto


  1. Resident
  2. Passage
  3. Summer
  4. Winter
* This map is intended as a guide. It shows general distribution rather than detailed, localised populations.
  1. Jan
  2. Feb
  3. Mar
  4. Apr
  5. May
  6. Jun
  7. Jul
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