• Scientific name: Philaenus spumarius
  • Type: Insects

Key information

Froghoppers are small, brown insects that can jump great distances if threatened. They hold their wings together like a tent over their body.

Their larvae are more commonly seen coated in a mass of froth – or cuckoo spit – on plant stems.

This froth protects the larva from predators as it feeds on young leaves and shoots, and it also stops it from drying out. The larva produces the froth by forcing air into a fluid exuded from its anus.

What they eat:

Plant sap. Larvae eat young leaves.


About 6 mm

Identifying features:

Natural habitats: Flower border Hedge Herb garden Meadow area Patio Shrub Window box Woodland area

Where and when to see them

Adults on woody and herbaceous plants. Cuckoo spit on plant stems. Also in parks and meadows.

Adults and cuckoo spit can be seen from June to September.

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