Head to the northern bank of the River Yare in Norfolk and you’ll find the windswept expanse of Buckenham Marshes. Our mosaic of marshland, reedbed and valley habitats make the reserve a haven for wildlife of all kinds. Wildfowl and wading birds are right at home here, as are Rooks and Jackdaws who gather in their thousands during the colder months.

We manage the reserve to create the ideal conditions for wintering waterfowl and breeding waders. This involves grazing and pasture to create a mix of heights. We also keep encroaching rushes and scrub at bay and control water levels to preserve the pools and boggy areas wetland birds rely on.

But it’s not just birds who benefit, our pools, ponds and ditches are busy with aquatic plants, Otters and Water Voles. We help the wildlife thrive by maintaining ditch edges.

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