Fetlar island is a remote and rugged haven for Shetland birds, and a great place to explore. Venture along the coast and you might be lucky enough to see otters. Our Mires of Funzie hide gives you views across the mire habitat, home to an array of wading birds, insects and plants. With patience and luck you may also see Red-necked Phalarope from the hide or on the nearby Loch of Funzie.

Fetlar is home to important populations of rare breeding birds, including Red-necked Phalaropes. Visit the viewpoint at the Mires of Houbie for safe viewing of Red-necked Phalaropes. RSPB Scotland is managing the reserve for the benefit of birds and for its broader biodiversity. 

We create pools of open water by raising water levels in the summer, then reducing water levels in autumn to encourage cattle grazing.

We also run a continuous programme of research and monitoring, focusing on key breeding birds, as well as water levels and plant communities.

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