Come to Carmarthenshire and enjoy a woodland walk through enchanting Alder and oak, past fast-flowing rivers that feed into the Towy. Set in the heart of glorious mid-Wales, the Gwenffrwd-Dinas reserve is home to all sorts of birdlife including Red Kites, Pied Flycatchers, Redstarts, Common Sandpipers, Dippers and Grey Wagtails.

A visit to the woodlands of Dinas in May is an opportunity to see the carpets of Bluebells, a stunning violet haze beneath the trees. Look out for Witches Beard or Usnea florida, with its tangled tresses and ‘eyes’.

Gwenffrwd-Dinas nestles along steep-sided valleys clothed in woodland and cut across by fast-flowing rivers. The reserve contains important habitats of oak woodland, wet Alder woodland and scrubland. These conditions are perfect for many of our iconic woodland birds, but also provide ideal habitat for important lichens and bryophtyes. Above the woodland there are large expanses of upland grassland and moor and, between the valleys, traditional haymaking practices create wildflower-filled meadows.

The Atlantic Oak Woodland or Celtic rainforest supports important populations of plants that thrive on the forest floor, including lichens and bryophytes. These green carpets cover the trees, ground and boulders making everything verdant and damp.

Grazing is an important conservation tool which helps maintain woodland structure and prevent bramble and scrub dominating. This keeps some of the woodland open preserving the Bluebell carpets. The reserve footpaths have sections which are rough and rugged with steep drops – take care at all times and wear sturdy footwear.

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