⚠ Due to the on-going effects of flooding the play area is currently closed. We will open it as soon as we are safely able to 

Ham Wall is a wetland teeming with wildlife – from rare species like Water Voles and Otters to ‘booming’ Bitterns and colourful Kingfishers. Enjoy sweeping views across the marshes to Glastonbury Tor and make some time to follow secluded paths through the mystical landscape.

This Somerset reserve is a true gem where extensive reedbeds give way to open water, creating a paradise for wetland birds, mammals and minibeasts. Elsewhere woodlands and grasslands brim with life and are home to a wide range of wildlife stars.

Ham Wall nature reserve is carefully looked after to create the ideal conditions for wildlife. Reedbeds are cut and plantlife is removed on rotation to maintain a variety of habitats. The cuttings are then turned into soil conditioner which is used on nearby gardens and allotments.

Water levels are also managed for wildlife such as wading birds, while cattle graze the reedbeds and grasslands in the summer months.

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