This delightful reserve on the Suffolk coast is a patchwork of grazing marshes, reedbeds, heathland and woodland. Thousands of ducks, swans and geese use the marshes in winter, while spring brings breeding Bitterns, Marsh Harriers, Woodlarks and Nightingales.

We have many species of butterfly and dragonfly at North Warren, and our wetland flowers are beautiful. Look for pink Ragged Robin, yellow Flag Iris, and yellow Marsh Sow Thistle as you stroll around the reedbed loop in the warmer months.

Check the skies above the reeds too. Hobbies hunt for dragonflies throughout the summer and on winter evenings, several Marsh Harriers often gather to roost. Around dusk in the winter months is when we see large Starling flocks, creating dramatic murmurations before their evening roost.

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