Ramsey Island is a Welsh wonder. This dramatic offshore island has cliffs that rise up to 120 metres, the perfect place for breeding seabirds, flocks of Choughs and Peregrines. Take a walk along the coastal heathland and enjoy the wildlife, admiring spectacular views across the Irish Sea.

We look after the reserve to create the ideal conditions for the wildlife that calls it home.

Ramsey is a Special Protection Area for Chough and keeping the grassland short helps these birds to find insect food. We have a flock of Welsh Mountain Sheep that helps us with grazing.

The small shallow pools in Ramsey's heathland are home to several nationally or internationally important plant species. Keeping the ponds open and the edges shallow is key.

Visitors must book in advance via Thousand Islands Expeditions. Visit the website here, call on 01437 721721 or email info@thousandislands.co.uk


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