The ancient oaks of Swell Wood are part of a strip of woodland extending 10 miles along the ridge from Langport to the Blackdown Hills.

Swell Wood is a mix of ancient woodland and an abandoned oak plantation, which is over 100 years old. Grey Herons nest up in the tops of the tall spindly oak trees in the abandoned plantation. Elsewhere the woodland has fantastic ground flora with Bluebells and Dog's Mercury carpeting the woodland floor and plants such as Yellow Archangel and Herb Paris scattered amongst them in the spring. A shrub layer of Hazel provides habitat for the nocturnal and elusive Hazel Dormouse and the old trees provide homes in cracks and crevices for many species of bat.

Our three wildlife trails take you through woodland, up and down steps (which can be avoided) and through our wildflower meadow. The Woodland Trail takes you past the lofty Grey Heron nests, giving an intimate view into the treetop canopy. Swell Wood is home to the largest colony of breeding Grey Herons in South-West England, with more than 100 pairs nesting in the trees between March and June. Come and hear their croaking cacophony for yourself.

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