Loch of Strathbeg RSPB reserve. Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Texture bingo

Explore the place where you're doing your Sleepout. Use your sense of touch and see if you can find objects with all these different textures.


Moss can sometimes be found growing in lawns, on tree trunks or on stones. Birds love using it as a comfy lining for their nests.

Some leaves are furry - the plant known as lamb's ears has leaves which do actually feel like a lamb's ears!



Can you find a smooth, shiny leaf or a nice, rounded stone?



Trees contain a sweet, sticky sap which can sometimes be found oozing from their branches. It conducts water and nutrients from the roots to the tips of the branches, a bit like blood flowing round the human body! 



Hug a tree and you’ll realise their bark is worse than their bite! Some trees have much rougher bark than others, so see if you can find the craggiest trunk. 

Pine trunk


Ever wondered why grass gets covered in dew in the morning? It’s because blades of grass, which are thin and exposed, are colder than the warming air, so the water vapour in the air turns to liquid droplets when it comes into contact with your chilly lawn.

That's why your tent will be damp in the morning, too.

Wet grass


Ouch! Be careful with this one! Things like holly leaves and thistles are prickly to avoid being eaten by hungry herbivores - clever, eh?

Holly at RSPB's Flatford Wildlife Garden
Holly leaves