Quiz - what’s that garden bird?

Think you can spot the bold blue on a blue tit’s head? Or perhaps the red and black of a great spotted woodpecker? Take our colour chart challenge and see who you can find!

You'll need

  • An optional British garden birds book or use our online bird identifier – some of these colour charts might have you stumped!
  • Print the activity sheet below (or take part online)
  • A notepad for your answers
RSPB garden birds quiz

Activity sheet


Download and print the sheet or take part on your phone, tablet or computer!

Check your answers by clicking on the drop-down at the bottom of the page.

Answers – no peeking!

How many did you get correct? chevron-down

1A Great tit
2A Long tailed tit
3A Woodpigeon
4A Blackbird
5A Magpie
1B Bullfinch
2B Robin
3B Jackdaw
4B Coal tit
5B House sparrow
1C Chaffinch
2C Nuthatch
3C Collared dove
4C Great spotted woodpecker
5C Goldcrest
1D Goldfinch
2D Starling
3D Dunnock
4D Sparrowhawk
5D Jay
1E Greenfinch
2E Blue tit
3E Wren
4E Blackcap
5E Swallow