Looking for bugs with magnifying glass


Knowing what wildlife lives where and how many there are is important.

Without this knowledge it's difficult to know which species are rare and which might need our help.


This activity is about identifying ALL living things (or as many as you can), in an area within a set period of time.


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What do I need?

  • Things to help you see eg magnifying glasses, bugpots, white sheet
  • A way of recording what you find, tally chart, tick sheet, use our supporting resources

     Score cards (English and bilingual)

What do I do?

  1. Decide the area you want to blitz and how long for
  2. Go off and count how many living things you see
  3. Record what you've seen
  4. Don't forget to tell us when you have completed the activity! When you mark the activity as complete, you will be asked to upload a photo, drawing or species list to help earn your award.

Completing the activity

Use the 'Mark as complete' button at the top of this page to tell us you've completed your activity. You'll need to show us what you did by uploading a photo of your tally of species or a species list. You may want to upload photographs or drawings of what you've seen.

If you have done this activity face to face with an RSPB staff member then you can submit a photograph or scanned image of the postcard you were given.

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