Make your own loo-roll bird feeders

Let's roll!

How does Rebecca Bailey Big Garden Birdwatch? With homemade bird feeders of course!

These simple, upcycled feeders are great fun to create and the earlier you put them out, the sooner the birds will start to flock to your garden cafe.

Time – 1-2 hours

What you'll need

  • A cardboard tube (a kitchen roll is perfect)
  • Two long sticks or skewers
  • Some lard or suet (or vegetable suet)
  • Birdseed, spread out on a plate or tray
  • A piece of string


  1. Start by making four holes in one end of your cardboard tube, these must be large enough for your sticks or skewers, but not so large that the sticks slide out. Be careful of any sharp ends!
  2. Make sure the holes opposite each other line up so that you can thread your sticks through.
  3. Next, make two small holes opposite each other in the other end of your tube. Use a butter knife or spatula to cover your roll in lard or suet, vegetarian varieties are good too.
  4. Roll the tube in bird seed so that the seed sticks to the lard. Finally, carefully thread the sticks through to make a cross shape, and thread a piece of string through the two top holes. Then you’re ready to hang your feeder outside!