How will you Big Garden Birdwatch?

Get ready for the Big Garden Birdwatch weekend! 25-27 January 2020

We’ve spoken to many of the inspiring people who regularly take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch. Here’s some of their top tips on how to get involved. Don't forget to tell us how you will #BigGardenBirdWatch on social media!


Nicky - Big Garden Birdwatch 2019

I do mine with knitting needles

"It gives me a chance to sit down, slow down and just enjoy the birds. I turn them into knitted versions. It is very good for inspiration and to take time out and enjoy the wildlife that’s around you."


Rebecca Bailey makes loo roll bird feeders

I do mine with loo rolls!

"The birds in my garden like to eat seeds, so I always hang bird feeders before the Big Garden Birdwatch. I’ve made a home for nature in my garden by growing a wild flower meadow. My dad has also made a butterfly farm in my wendy house!"


Chris Packham - Big Garden Birdwatch 2019

I do mine to make a difference

"I think we live in an age when a lot of people care about wildlife and the environment, but caring is no longer enough. We need to actually take some action to make a difference. The Big Garden Birdwatch is the best way for the UK to put its finger on the health of its birdlife."


I do mine in the warm

“I put the kettle on and cosy up with a cup of tea, just staring out the window and seeing what comes to visit. When you do the Big Garden Birdwatch you feel like you are in a bubble - there’s nothing else but you and the wildlife. It’s just special.”


I do mine with the early bird

"I like to Big Garden Birdwatch after a big breakfast! Last year I actually took part in a graveyard that’s behind my house. In my opinion, early morning is the best time to Big Garden Birdwatch, but dusk is good too – it’s quite a nice feeling seeing all the birds bed down."


I do mine wherever I find it

"The birds are different in urban environments and there's still plenty to see - such as greenfinches, goldfinches, collared doves and wood pigeons. The Big Garden Birdwatch helps to monitor what wildlife is in abundance and even if you don't see anything, you're still taking part."

Steven Big Garden Birdwatch

Meet our TV stars

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