London parliament and avocet collage

Take action with us

Campaigning for nature has been our backbone since we were formed in 1889, and we haven’t stopped since. We’ve won battles on pesticides, marine protection, climate change and laws that safeguard nature – and we’ll keep on fighting.

Nature’s in crisis

It’s serious. Over 38 million birds have vanished from UK skies in the last 50 years. Just 5% of the UK is well looked-after for nature. Nature doesn’t just lift our spirits: we need it for the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink. It stores carbon and helps us adapt to climate change. The wildlife and nature emergency threatens human life as we know it. 

Revive Our World: two versions of a city scape - one polluted, industrial, the other with green spaces and clean air

The time is now

This year is a crossroads for us, for nature, and for the world. In 2021, world leaders are negotiating last-resort targets to save nature and address the climate emergency at two global summits. If we are to Revive Our World, they must reach binding and ambitious global agreements. The fate of nature and the climate rests on us and our voices being heard. Come and join the movement.

Cormorant overlooks big ben and the London parliament buildings

Our once-in-a-lifetime chance

The Environment Bill sets out how the UK Government plans to protect and improve the natural world. We need a strong Environment Bill, with legally-binding targets to save nature and Revive Our World. As it stands, it’s not strong enough. We’re calling for more ambitious targets that are enshrined in law. Sign our e-action and make your voice heard.

Campaigning for nature is as simple as using your phone

Not sure how to get started?

Never fear! We’ve got all the tools you might need, from campaigning from home, tips on doing it face-to-face (when it’s safe!) to using social media. Rest assured you’re joining a network of other Campaign Champions too, all working together for the same cause. 

Become a Campaign Champion

Make your voice heard on issues you care about. Our network of Campaign Champions are vital in making sure that politicians and decision makers know that issues affecting nature are important, and to persuade them to make a difference for nature. The good news is a lot of it can be done from home!