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What’s it all about?

Let Nature Sing is part of a nature recovery movement. Nature is in crisis and we can't sit back and let the world go silent.

The nature recovery campaign

Let Nature Sing is part of our nature recovery campaign. Nature is at crisis point: rare species are disappearing, and our best-loved birds are in decline. The statistics are striking, and we can’t stand by and watch that happen. We’ll all suffer too.

There’s still hope

We know that when we all work together, we can make change happen. Look at the example of the bittern: in 1997, there were only 11 booming bitterns in the UK.

Working with our partners, we worked together to find out what they needed, and took action. Now, there are 160. Our efforts can bring wildlife back from the brink – we know this.

The Brexit risk

UK wildlife is currently protected by strong EU laws dedicated to nature and wildlife. But with the current Brexit situation, we’ll need to make sure that it still has the same level of protection.

We’ll demand that politicians are bound by a clear legal duty - whatever the outcome.


There are some fantastic farmers in the UK, farming with nature in mind. Open Farm Sunday is one such example of how we work with farmers and the public to showcase nature-friendly farming techniques.

We want this to become commonplace, and for landowners to ensure that nature and wildlife is central to the way they operate.

We all need to act

The recovery of nature needs us all to act. Whether through our food choices, our campaigning actions, our volunteering, or through appreciating nature, we can all do our bit to save it. Join the bird song takeover or see how you can make a change for nature through everyday living.

Together, we can #LetNatureSing.

Thank you for taking over

On the 17 October, we filled the UK with bird song. Find out why and how you can keep helping.

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