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A background of sealife and kelp

Five Steps to a Green Recovery

Saplings ready to plant

1. Sustainable jobs and infrastructure 

  • Promote infrastructure, economies and businesses that enhance, rather than damage, the environment. Ensure solutions to the climate emergency do not add to the nature emergency. 
  • Establish a National Nature Service employability and training scheme in areas of work that contribute to the recovery of Wales’ natural environment and carbon-neutral economy. 
A crab walks through kelp

2. Strong Environmental Protections 

  •  Strengthen the laws that protect the natural world and their enforcement and introduce legally binding nature recovery targets and more ambitious climate change targets, with adequate funds for delivery.
  • Make the planning system work for nature on land and at sea and introduce laws that require all developments to deliver a net benefit for biodiversity.

3. Resilient and nature-rich land and seas

  • Secure resilient ecological networks of well-managed special places for nature on land and sea, including creating new protected areas where they are needed.
  • Introduce new land and sea management policies that will ensure the sustainable management of natural resources, and which provide value for public money.
A productive vegetable and flower garden

4. Healthy Citizens

  • Increase public access to urban and rural nature-rich green spaces and introduce Green Prescribing as a means of promoting active lifestyles and emotional well-being.
  • Implement a Sustainable Food Strategy that drives and rewards sustainable food production, addresses food waste and promotes healthy, sustainable diets and consumption for all.

5. Welsh Government Leadership

  • Integrate restoring resilient ecosystems and tackling climate change across all policy areas and departments to maximise synergies, benefits and budgets.
  • Ensure all publicly owned land is well managed for nature and protected sites and other important natural assets in public ownership attain favourable condition.

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