Trainsplit and the RSPB have joined forces to allow RSPB members to both save money and carbon offset their train journeys through

A new partnership

With travel accounting for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, we all need to carefully consider how we get from A to B to tackle the climate crisis. With rail travel emitting only a quarter of the CO2 of car travel, our partnership with Trainsplit launched in January 2020 with the simple aim of giving RSPB members a cheaper option to travel by train and help save nature in the process.

Carbon neutral travel

What makes Trainsplit unique is that it is the only rail company in the UK that allows you make your train journey carbon neutral, through carbon credits from our Gola Rainforest project. This pioneering project in Sierra Leone is working to prove that our natural assets, like rainforests, can be more valuable for communities when protected than exploited.


As we develop our partnership with Trainsplit, the funds raised will support our work both in the UK and in Sierra Leone. We hope our members will offset the carbon impact of over 3,500,000 miles of train journeys – that's equivalent to over 150 times around the world!