Public Investment

Governments are responsible for national nature goals and spending must increase to achieve them, for the survival of all species, our economies and our wellbeing.

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Nature and the economy

Nature conservation is an ethical essential and its value extends well beyond what can be measured in monetary terms. Protecting and restoring nature is also vital for building a sustainable future, and for our health, happiness and wellbeing.

Investing in nature is not a constraint on growth – our future economic prosperity depends upon recreating and expanding the natural assets that sustain it. 

The scale of need

UK governments spend roughly a quarter of the £1.8bn needed to meet our habitat and species conservation needs, while one in ten UK species is at risk of extinction.

We need a step change in the level of government funding for nature and public goods such as clean air and water. A Nature Positive economy must be at the heart of future approaches to farming and environmental management. 

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