A beautiful view of Otmoor's wetlands

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  • 24 ha

    We now have enough money to buy more land at Otmoor
  • 16,000+

    Wintering wildfowl and waders make Otmoor their home
  • 500 years

    Since it last happened. A crane has fledged at Otmoor


Received 245000

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A lapwing wading through water. It's beady eye is looking at you.

With wetland wildlife declining dramatically, our Otmoor nature reserve offers a rare safe haven. We had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to expand the reserve by buying neighbouring farmland, and our supporters stepped up and helped us reach our target. Now, we can protect this land from development and extend the oasis that is Otmoor so that we can give food and shelter to many more threatened birds like cranes, lapwings, snipe and curlews. Thank you!

David Wilding, Site Manager

Nature needs more space

Wetlands at Otmoor nature reserve

Our wildlife is reaching a crisis point. To help it recover, we want to buy more land and play our part in ensuring that 30% of the UK is well-managed for nature by 2030. The unmissable opportunity at Otmoor helps us fulfil our pledge, so we’re incredibly grateful for your support. As well as adding to the total amount of land managed for nature, you’re also helping us to extend a precious wetland corridor that provides a haven for cranes, bitterns and many more threatened species crossing the country.

You're helping us give more land back to nature