A beautiful view of Otmoor's wetlands

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  • 24 ha

    With your help, we can buy more hectares of land at Otmoor
  • 16,000+

    Wintering waders make Otmoor their home
  • 500 years

    Since it last happened. A crane has fledged at Otmoor


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You can create more wonderful wetlands

A lapwing wading through water. It's beady eye is looking at you.

With wetland wildlife declining dramatically, our Otmoor nature reserve offers a rare safe haven. Now we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to expand the reserve by buying neighbouring farmland. Your donation is urgently needed today, to protect this land from development so that we can extend a special oasis for nature to feed, shelter and sustain many threatened birds like cranes, lapwings, snipe and curlews.

David Wilding, Site Manager

Expand Otmoor’s oasis for nature

A butterfly collecting nectar from white flowers

Every £30 you give will help secure 18sq metres of land ready to be turned into wet grassland, ponds and scrapes for wading birds. Watch our video to discover how the new land you can help buy will be transformed, see this Oxfordshire nature reserve in all its glory, and catch a glimpse of some of the threatened wildlife that already finds sanctuary here.

Nature needs more space

A map showing a small section of land next to our reserve. This is the land we're hoping to purchase.

Our wildlife is reaching a crisis point. To help it recover, we want to buy more land and play our part in ensuring 30% of the UK is well-managed for nature by 2030. This unmissable opportunity to buy extra land at Otmoor helps us to fulfil that pledge. It also extends a precious wetland corridor that provides a haven for cranes, bitterns and many more threatened species crossing the country.

A unique chance to expand Otmoor’s wetlands


Help buy 18sq metres of land for ponds and scrapes for snipe


Help buy 36sq metres to create wet grassland for curlews


Help buy 45sq metres to provide habitat for rare butterflies

Give more land back to nature