Red kite Milvus milvus, swooping in to feed on ground, Oxfordshire

Birds of Prey Defenders

  • Hundreds Persecution causes the deaths of hundreds of birds each year
  • 6 months How long a single case can take to complete
  • £600,000 How much we invest in protecting birds of prey each year

Birds of prey need our help

Persecution is still causing the deaths of hundreds of birds of prey every year.

Our Investigations team work the length and breadth of the UK, looking into potential cases of criminal activity against birds of prey.

Sometimes a single case takes six months to complete, so we desperately need more resources to keep fighting this battle.

Golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos adult male sitting in heather, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

How you can help

Each year, we invest around £600,000 in protecting birds of prey and their nests, to try to ensure successful breeding.

Your donation, however much you can afford, will help pay for equipment for our Investigations team to continue tracking down the criminals who are targeting our beautiful birds of prey. This money also enables us to gather evidence and work with the police to put together a case.

Please help us put these awe-inspiring birds back in the skies where they belong.

Buzzard in a field of wheat, Bedfordshire