A ring ouzel alarm call Help discover why they are disappearing

  • 58%

    Decline in UK numbers between 1988 and 1999
  • £20

    Could help track ring ouzels along their migration route
  • 2,500

    Miles travelled by ring ouzles on their migtration

Support our tagging team today

Sadly, ring ouzels numbers have dramatically declined in recent years and are a much rarer sight. Red-listed as birds of highest conservation concern in the UK, only small, vulnerable populations hold on in the uplands of Scotland, Wales and England.

We need to better understand where and when they are most in danger, so please donate today to help tag and track ring ouzels using the wonders of GPS tracking technology. Tiny two gram GPS tags can tell us the bird's location to an accuracy of just 20 metres.

Your support will help discover precisely where they need our help. Tagging and tracking more ring ouzels will help us understand things more clearly.

Help tag a ring ouzel today

Over the next two years your gift of £20 or more today could help our tagging team to:

  • Invest in over 30 tiny GPS trackers costing £400 each
  • Monitor ring ouzels nesting sites in the UK
  • Analyze resulting flight data and build clear scientific data of where our ring ouzels are doing well or facing problems.

Donate and save ring ouzels


Could help invest in tiny GPS tagging devices


Could help track ring ouzels in the field to an accuracy of just 20m


Could identify how best to protect them

Dr Innes Sim

Ring Ouzel Conservation Scientist

"Conserving the elusive ring ouzel is my passion. Please help more people enjoy this enigmatic species in future"