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A Common Kestrel hovering in search of prey.
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Nature is in crisis, and time’s running out for politicians to protect and restore it.

There are clear solutions that will give nature a chance to recover. 

They’ll help us breathe clean air, drink clean water, swim in clean rivers, and hear the sound of birdsong in the morning.

It would mean a healthy natural environment, healthy people, healthy economy and healthy everything: for us, and future generations. 

Nature can't wait.

At least 68 Golden Eagles have been illegally killed in Scotland since 1981.

End bird of prey persecution by passing the Wildlife Management Bill.  

Seabirds have declined by 49% since 1986.

Give Scotland’s seabirds what they need to recover, through a Seabird Strategy.  

Just 30,000 hectares of Scotland’s rainforest remains.

Restore Scottish native woodlands. 

75% of land in Scotland is used for farming.

But less than 10% of national agriculture funding helps farmers and crofters do the right thing for nature. 

Ensure better funding for nature-friendly farming through the Agriculture Bill.

One in nine species in Scotland is threatened with national extinction.

Set legal targets for nature restoration through the Natural Environment Bill.

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