RSPB's Hope farm, at the time of the wheat harvest, Knapwell, Cambridgeshire

Brian and Sorcha Lewis - Powys

Brian and Sorcha Lewis were finalists of the RSPB Nature of Farming Awards 2013.


Judge's view

"A wonderful farm business combination of herb-rich meadows buzzing with life and colour grazed by native breeds to produce slow-grown meat."

- Victoria Chester, Chief Executive, Plantlife


Troedrhiwdrain Farm, looking over the Elan Valley reservoirs and Victorian dams, is home to all manner of wildlife, including golden plovers, curlews, water voles, Welsh clearwings and numerous orchids.

The species-rich hay meadows and moorland bustle with life, all the while supporting a healthy farm business. Farming traditional sheep breeds allows Brian and Sorcha to carefully manipulate their farmland while producing quality, slow-grown lambs for the table and maintaining clean water for the residents of Birmingham.

Farmer's view

"Uplands are important for all manner of wildlife, cultural history and natural resources we all rely on. Its important to us that we maintain this for the benefit of future generations."