RSPB Nene Washes Nature Reserve, Corncrake Crex crex, Cambridgeshire

How you can help

Whether you pick one activity or complete the whole list, you'll be helping us save these beautiful little birds

Seen or heard a corncrake?

We need your help. If you’ve seen or heard a corncrake, report it here and upload your photo or audio recording.

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Find out where people have seen or heard corncrakes in 2021.

Volunteer with us

Corncrake Calling will have a range of opportunities for volunteers which could include practical outdoor work, helping organise/run activities and events, online promotion or other desk-based project activities. Find out more by becoming a corncrake champion.

Enhancing Scotland's crex appeal

Help spread the word by following our blog and RSPB Highlands and Islands Facebook page. Tell your friends and family about Corncrake Calling using the hashtags #CorncrakeCalling and #EnhancingScotlandsCrexAppeal

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