Instituting effective monitoring of protected areas as a contribution to reducing the rate of biodiversity loss in Africa

This programme, which has received significant financial support from the the European Community, will assess the status, pressures facing and conservation response in favour of 163 Protected Areas in eight African countries.

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National networks of NGOs, government agencies and community groups will collect low-cost, simple but scientifically robust data, building on a successful model in Kenya. Information will feed into site management as well as national and international policy.
This project aims to contribute to stemming the rate of biodiversity loss in Africa through providing on-the-ground assessments of how affective the protection afforded by these areas actually is and the effectiveness of conservation.

Species affected (not UK birds)

Numerous globally threatened species including vultures and other birds of prey, Sharpe's longclaw, white-headed duck, marbled teal, shoebill, Kori bustard, many ducks, waders and terns.


  • Capacity built for conducting and sustaining all stages of biodiversity monitoring at PAs.
  • Biodiversity monitoring institutionalised as a core activity of management authorities, NGOs and local communities. Effectively co-ordinated.
  • Data on the condition of selected PAs collected, analysed and disseminated with the involvement of stakeholders.
  • Information from monitoring effectively made available to influence management of PAs by local, national and global actors.
  • Mechanisms established to sustain PA monitoring long term.

Planned Work

Programme started April 2007 and ends October 2011.


Funding support for this project has been provided by the European Commission as project EuropeAid/ENV/2007/132-278.


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Chris Magin

Head of Section Partner Development, International Country Programmes
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