A single redshank standing in a reed bed on RSPB Geltsdale reserve, looking directly at the camera

Target Protected Areas

A tower is viewable in the distance as two visitors cycle down a path at RSPB Hodbarrow reserve

Hodbarrow RSPB

Part of Morecambe & Dudden Estuaries SPA

Creation of a 0.5-ha new island at RSPB Hodbarrow to provide new nesting habitat for sandwich, common and little terns.


This was completed in January 2021.

A lesser black gull stands on a sand dune surrounded by coastal vegetation

South Walney

Part of Morecambe & Dudden Estuaries SPA

Partnership project with NE and CWT to reduce predation impacts on large gull and other seabird colonies through effective predator fencing.


This will be undertaken in April 2021.

A large piece of driftwood sticks out of a grass covered dune at RSPB Old Hall Marshes nature reserve

Old Hall Marshes RSPB

Part of Blackwater Estuary SPA

Improvement to the condition of 180 ha of grazing marsh for wintering waterfowl and breeding redshank, ringed plover and avocet. Also, habitat restoration for little terns.


Phase 1 will be started in the August- December 2021, Phase 2 in 2022 and completed in 2023 (Phase 3).

Northey Island NT

Part of Blackwater Estuary SPA

A flagship coastal restoration project - replacing 30 ha of intertidal habitat threatened by erosion and sea-level rise, for the benefit of wintering and migrating waterfowl and breeding redshank and ringed plover. This work will include the creation of 10 ha of new saltmarsh through managed realignment.  


This will be undertaken in 2021-2023.

Large pieces of driftwood jut out of the water while it laps the shore at RSPB Titchwell nature reserve

Titchwell RSPB

Part of North Norfolk Coast SPA

Hydrological management to improve the condition of 29 ha of freshwater marsh and reedbed, plus creation of 12 new islands to benefit a range of breeding and wintering birds. 


This will be completed in 2021.

An avocet dips its beak into a pool of water to feed amongst a reed bed. The birds reflection is perfectly mirrored in the water.

Minsmere RSPB

Part of Minsmere/Walberswick SPA

Enhancement of a 20.5-ha saline lagoon/scrape plus restoration of nesting islands for terns and avocet.


This work is planned for 2021-2023.

An aerial shot of the water off of Langstone Harbour Reserve

Langstone Harbour RSPB

Part of Chichester & Langstone Harbours SPA

Restoration of a 1.5-ha island in Langstone Harbour and re-profiling of several islands (covering 0.2 ha) at Hayling Oysterbeds. These activities will provide new and safer nesting habitats for little, common and sandwich terns, and will also benefit a variety of roosting shorebirds.


This will be undertaken in August-December 2021.

An aerial view of the coastline of Seasalter nature reserve and the surrounding town

Seasalter RSPB

Part of The Swale SPA

Hydrological management of 16 ha of grazing marsh to benefit wintering and migrating birds and breeding redshank.


This will be undertaken in August-December 2021.

A single little tern fledgling makes its way across pebbles on a beach

Horsey Island RSPB

Part of Hamford Water SPA

A flagship project  using dredged material to restore eroding shingle bank which hosts the most important little tern colony in Essex and provides protection for important grazing marsh with breeding waders.


This will be undertaken in 2022.

Two members of the public chat with an RSPB representative about ground nesting seabirds at the beach

Reducing disturbance through partnership work

Throughout the project, we will also be working directly with local communities and visitors in Morecambe Bay and Solent and Southampton to protect and raise awareness of the beach nesting birds.


This work includes engaging local volunteers to find nests, protect them during the breeding season and engage with site visitors. We will also invest in interpretation boards, equipment and skill development of the volunteers.