Facilities at Pulborough Brooks

Full facilities information

Our outdoor welcome hub is open daily, 10am – 4pm.

Open daily, at all times.

  • 5 Blue Badge spaces
  • No lighting in overflow car park.
  • Drop-off point outside the Visitor Centre.
  • No overnight parking or camping.
  • Bicycle racks available.
  • Dogs die in hot cars, please do not leave your dog in the car when visiting us.


Our toilets are open daily, 10am-4pm.

Our toilets are open daily, 10am-4pm.

Open daily, 10am-4pm
Vegetarian options
Gluten free options

Our cafe is open daily and our friendly team are on hand to serve you.

You can choose to dine indoors (limited seating at the moment), on our outdoor tea terrace, or you can takeaway.

We have a delicious selection of snacks and hot and cold drinks available.

  • Card payments preferred.
  • Wherever possible, our food is sustainably packaged, locally sourced, organic, Fairtrade, palm-oil free or sustainable palm oil. 
  • We source locally made cakes, bakery products, milk and ice cream. Our eggs are free-range.
  • We serve our own bird-friendly coffee. Our coffee has been shade-grown which, unlike in traditional coffee plantations, involves our producers leaving the tree canopy above the coffee bush in place, providing vital homes for a rich-variety of wildlife. This also leads to our coffee growing more slowly giving its distinctive, smooth flavour and means it requires less water and has less need to use invasive fertilisers or pesticides. It is organic and Fairtrade as well.
  • Children are welcome, there's no specific children's menu but we are very happy to provide smaller/half-sized portions, we also have highchairs.
  • Our friendly team are able to provide allergen information.

Our shop is open daily, and our friendly team are on hand to serve and advise you.

Here is just a flavour of our most popular products. Visit our store to discover more.

Bird food and feeders

Attract birds to your garden all year round with the help of our premium bird food - a real hit with our feathered friends! Produced with nature in mind, our seed mixes are Fair to Nature, meaning they meet rigorous conservation standards which help struggling farmland wildlife in the UK and Europe to flourish.

Fill your feeders with our extensive range of wild bird food to suit every type of garden bird and feeder. From seed to suet, peanuts to mealworms, we will help you to attract your favourite species.

Binoculars and Telescopes

Looking for a new pair of binoculars or telescope? We’ve got a fantastic range suitable for all needs and budgets. Whether it’s a pair of binoculars for the family to spot nature in your own garden, a telescope to use out birding, or compacts that make seeing wildlife on your hikes that little bit extra special, we’ve got something for everyone. Prices start from just £25 and include premium brands such as our own popular RSPB series, along with Viking, Swarovski, Leica, Nikon, Opticron and Zeiss. 

Wildlife homes

Feel great in your outdoor space by making it a fantastic home for wildlife. Create safe havens, hiding places and sources of water and you'll enjoy welcoming more nature in no time.

Our range of wildflower seed mixes, nestboxes, insect homes, hedgehog hotels, toad abodes, bat boxes and more will help you attract our best-loved garden wildlife.


Wondering what to buy your nature-loving friend or family member, or just wanting to treat yourself? Find plenty of great ideas within our gift range. Whether you’re looking for wildlife-themed books, home and kitchenware, clothing and accessories, or a new addition for the garden, we’ve got something for you. Plus, keep the little ones entertained with our fantastic range of fun and educational nature-inspired toys, games and craft items.

Our baby changing facilities are open daily, 10am-4pm.

We've got seven picnic tables close to the Visitor Centre in our Wildlife Explorer Meadow.

Help keep this place safe and special for wildlife and people by taking your litter home with you.

BBQs are a fire risk, endangering other people and the precious wildlife and habitats here. They are not permitted on the reserve at any time.

Open 10am-4pm daily.

Please see our activities and events section for details.

Our wildlife watching hides and viewpoints are a great place to spot the special wildlife here and offer outstanding views over Pulborough Brooks.

We have four hides and six viewpoints in total, open daily, dawn-dusk.

Our nature reserve has two signposted trails to help you explore this amazing landscape and the wildlife that calls it home. 

  • Wooded Heathland trail: The 1½-mile outer loop leads you through
    woodland and heath. Allow about an hour and a half. As you wander along the sandy tracks, look out for green tiger beetles and basking lizards. Pause at Black Pond to spot patrolling dragonflies before heading through flower-carpeted woodland to Hail’s View. Watch for tiny goldcrests and tits feeding acrobatically amongst the pines, then wander up towards the Bronze Age barrow at The Clump to enjoy views across the valley and the South Downs.
  • Wetland trail: This gentle 2-mile circular trail explores the heart of the reserve. Allow at least two hours to walk the loop. There are four hides and two viewpoints along the trail, overlooking grassland, ditches and pools. Head to Fattengates Courtyard for a breath-taking springtime birdsong concert and in summer, wander down the Zig-zag path and admire the wildflowers and myriad of insects they attract. Take a short stroll to West Mead hide in the winter for close-up views of the beautifully camouflaged snipe and, for a longer walk, head down to Nettley’s hide where you may hear the ‘plop’ of a water vole in the ditches.

For details on our exciting programme of curriculum-linked, outdoor education sessions, visit our school trip information.

Also check out our fantastic range of resources for teachers or take on the Schools’ Wild Challenge.

Open daily.