Nature must have a voice in the General Election – an update on Labour Party pledges

At the RSPB we have been campaigning for nature for more than 100 years. Most recently we’ve been asking all political parties to include commitments on how they will secure nature’s recovery in manifestos ahead of the upcoming General Election on 4 July.

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A closeup of a wildflower meadow in the orange glow of the sun.

Yesterday, 6th June, the Labour Party announced a series of commitments on nature. 

This includes support for promoting regenerative farming and nature's recovery, measures to protect nature and end the decline of British wildlife, and increase access to landscapes. The full list of policies can be viewed here.

Responding to the announcement, Beccy Speight, Chief Executive of the RSPB said: “We have always been clear that for the health of our economy, wellbeing and natural world, we need urgent action to tackle the nature and climate crisis. But the UK remains one of the most nature-depleted places in the world. Now, with less than six years until 2030, we still have a crucial window of opportunity to rewrite this story of decline and deliver to meet the Environment Act’s legally binding targets. 

Labour’s nature commitments are a significant step forward. It’s encouraging to see they recognise policies we've long advocated for, including the vital role of farmers by providing long-term, meaningful support, the need to protect our wild spaces and to put the right planning frameworks in place to ensure we tackle the nature and climate crisis as one. Now, we need to see nature placed at the heart of all political party manifestos. 

The next UK Government - whoever that may be - will need ambitious plans and investment to halt natures decline, allow our natural world to flourish and spur on action on a much bigger scale and at a much faster pace. We can’t afford to wait any longer.” 

We are campaigning for nature to be represented in all political party manifestos and will continue to update our website with developments, and you can also view our Nature Can’t Wait campaign

The RSPB is scrupulous about never taking a party-political stance and we take particular care during election periods never to imply support for particular parties or candidates.  

Charities are required to be independent and politically neutral, but the Charity Commission is clear that charities can undertake political activity in support of their charitable aims.

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