RSPB Youth Council

RSPB Youth Council

Our fantastic Youth Council is made up of 10 ambassadors who ensure that young people are at the heart of our work.

We believe that young people should have a say on the issues affecting their lives and the environment they will inherit. That's why we work closely with our youth councillors to help them take action for nature, and inspire and empower others to do the same.


Getting involved

Congratulations to our newest members. We'll be accepting applications again in 2021 for 12 to 17-year-olds to join our Youth Council.  

Our council members have the chance to make their ideas a reality; influence RSPB projects; speak publicly at a variety of events; hone their writing skills by contributing to Wingbeat magazine; get hands-on at RSPB conservation camps; and gain a host of CV-boosting skills along the way. 

We are trialling some virtual ways of creating a regular dialogue with young people who are keen to be involved with the RSPB, email us if you are interested in hearing more:

Four of the RSPB Youth Councillors

The young people making a difference

RSPB Youth Councillors share what they love about it.

I'm Kabir, and I'm in the RSPB Youth Council.  My highlights have been meeting like-minded young people and learning from them, and also having the opportunity to travel to different nature reserves around the country. I've also had the chance to collaborate with other organisations and encourage youth engagement. It's been fantastic. 

Hello, I'm Anna, and I've been on the Youth Council for almost a year. To be honest it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I've met people with a passion for wildlife, been involved with amazing projects and seen a whole new side to environmentalism that I've never worked on before. If you care bout nature you should join. 

Hi, my name is James Miller and I am on the RSPB Youth Council. I think being on the Youth Council is important, becase although our generation is leading a climate movement, I think we need to lead a biodiversity movement too. And having young people with direct involvement in what is the largest conservation organisation in the UK is a really important step in to doing so. 

(Jess) The most important thing I've learnt whilst being in the Youth Council, is that many people care deeply about this planet and you are never along in what you believe in, so always stay hopeful.  It's really important to always remain hopeful about what you can achieve as together we can make a difference but have to do it together. 

Hi I'm Jannis Coolman and I'm a member of the RSPB Youth Council. You should apply to join the RSPB Youth Council because not only will you be helping nature you'll be helping yourself.  You can do anything from social media campaigning to conservation in the field. There really is something in it for everybody.





Become a member of the RSPB 

There are lots of other great reasons to join us too, from becoming part of the biggest nature movement in the UK to receiving inspiring magazines written by young people for young people.